What does being financially free actually mean!?

There are two main stages to becoming financially free and most people get stuck and worse still never start because it seems like such a daunting thing to do, because they associate being financially free with having thousands of pounds pouring into their bank account each week and so it seems too big. 

What being financially free is having enough money coming in every month to pay the bills and put food on the table. For most people this is far more achievable than they imagine and is done by attacking money from both angles. 

The first angle is by reining in spending and getting in control of your own money (have you ever had a pay rise and yet still not had enough money left at the end of the month – this means that you are not in control of your money.

The second angle is being smart and effective with the money that you now have leftover and investing this wisely to create passive income (income comes in regardless of whether you do any work or not). Once your passive income exceeds your basic expenses you are financially free – ta-daah! (Something most people can only dream of and only a few people ever achieve)

Money Bootcamp and Joint Venture Mastermind gives you access to this becoming possible.  

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