What is Joint Venture Mastermind?

If you have successfully completed Money Bootcamp and I feel that you are ready to go onto the next step as an individual and a group then the magic starts to happen!

Joint Venture Mastermind is where the rubber hits the road, you and your team will be starting a limited company, building up your savings, investing in property, sending you well on the way to becoming financially free. 

You will become a bigger and better person because this journey is not only about money it’s about who you have to become to handle that money. 

  • If before you could never save – you can now save
  • If you used to be late – now you are always on time
  • If you didn’t used to like speaking to people – you have the confidence to 
  • If you used to be scared of looking at your bank statements – you now look at them daily and smile
  • If you used to have arguments with your partner about money – this no longer happens
  • All of the things you thought you could never do or seemed possible are now within reach. 

It is an ongoing yearly commitment that includes monthly workshop days and weekly calls – continuing on the theme of Money Bootcamp but instead of working on your own finances you are now working as a team to become financially free. 

Ready to begin? Go here > financialfreedomfilms.com