What is Money Mastermind Online?

Money Mastermind is the first few rungs on the ladder to becoming financially free. Being on money Mastermind is like having an expert in your pocket who you can ask questions and can deal with real life situations on an ongoing basis rather than going on a course and learning a load of stuff that you don’t need. We highly recommend you and a few close friends or other people that you know who are interested in becoming financially free all doing this course at the same time so that you can move onto Joint Venture Mastermind without delay. 

It is a self guided 12 week programme that includes:

  • Recorded Video webinars – to watch and complete associated tasks on a weekly basis
  • Weekly coaching webinars to deal with questions you have emailed and troubleshoot any real life situations and problems you may be having around your money that is coming up from the recorded webinars you are working through. Questions can be sent in beforehand to make sure they get time on the call. There is no such thing as a silly question. All of your fears and worries about money can be dealt with, so you will go from feeling apprehensive and concerned about your money situation to feeling confident, knowledgeable about the decisions you make and excited about becoming financially free with a clear plan of how you are going to get there and a team of people to do it with.

On completion of Money Mastermind if you feel this really working for you and you want to move to the next step which is Joint Venture Mastermind it is now time to enrol some friends to continue the journey with you. They will also need to complete money Mastermind at which point you can all sign up as a group for Joint Venture Mastermind.

It’s a monthly investment of £££ which includes all webinars, coaching sessions and materials. If you want personal 1:1 calls with Alex this is charged at the discounted rate of £100 per session (1:1 coaching is normally charged at £250 per hour). 

Ready to begin? Go here > financialfreedomfilms.com